Brand Declaration


Brand Declaration


We have received feedbacks from our clients lately about our products’ photos, videos and articles are being misappropriated from certain website in China. This might result in misleading our clients’ determination and purchase counterfeits.

We solemnly declare that this misappropriation has broken the law and caused significant impacts on our company's reputation.

Saking (SHANQ CHYUU Industrial Co., Ltd.) required the embezzler to remove infringing information immediately and file an apology statement. To maintain our clients and our dignities, we will litigate and maintain the right to appeal.

With thirty years of professional experiences, Saking (SHANQ CHYUU Industrial Co., Ltd.) has dedicated to being in leading position of waterproof leak stopping products’ manufacturer.

Please verify that the trademark, model number and the serial number on the “nameplate” are authorized from Saking (SHANQ CHYUU Industrial Co., Ltd.) before your purchase.
Below are information of our authorized channel:


Authorized Channel

SHANQ CHYUU Industrial Co., Ltd.
No.101, Ln. 785, Jiadong St., Fenyuan Township , Changhua County 502

Foshan Shunde District Shangqin Hardware And Plastic Co., Ltd.
No.5,Guanglong Middle Rd, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China