About Saking

Mr. Hsiao, who originally worked in the vehicle maintenance industry as a technician, with experience and pure enthusiasm with mechanics, found Saking in 1988.

Since 1999,Saking has focused on the development and manufacture of professional high-pressure perfusion machines, hardware tools, and leak-proof materials. In addition to marketing under the brand name of Saking, it also includes OEM/ODM for domestic and overseas clients for a wide variety of related products.

Over the years, Mr. Hsiao cohere the importance of product quality, therefore in the manufacturing sector, starting from material feeding, processing to assembly, every step is key to success a quality product. Since its establishment, a "one-stop" service with constantly adjustments to meet customers' needs. We aim to amaze our clients and build the the trust with consistent support to our customers, Saking has built a significant credibility with sufficient resources and experience to conquer more challenges with our customers in the future!


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The leakage proof industry faces a harsh competition with a lot of uncertainty, to overcome the obstacle, Saking has thrived to develop overseas business to distribute the impact on individual region. With consistent investment in R&D, we have been granted with key patents, brand registration and safety certifications in various nations; with a continuous effort, we have built our reputation in the South East Asia region with a strong recognition from our clients and partners.Over the past few years, with younger generation joining the team, it does not only consolidate the existing market dominance, but also strengthen our overseas business development, we also taking different approach to the market aim to build a better communication to meet what the market needs.

Consistent R&D and innovation and quality improvement is the foundation for Saking, with a close engagement and driven by our customers’ demand, we launched the development in the development of painting machine" and "cement grouting machine" products. Saking aim to be an all round solution provider for premium tools and service to facilitate with the challenges you face in architecture engineering.