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PU Thermal Insulating Coating

  • Reflecting 95% of solar radiant heat

  • Heat insulation effect

  • High Heat protection effect



  • The indoor temperature is not heated by the sun, which can significantly reduce the load of the air conditioner.Significant savings in electricity bills.
  • Anti-UV UV, acid and alkali resistant, brush resistant, non-hydrolyzed.
  • With the high adhesion of traditional PU products, whether it is applied to cement surface, asbestos tile or PU waterproof material, it can achieve adhesive effect.


PU thermal insulating coating
A dose: 10/kg
B dose: 5/kg
Color White
PU insulation cream coating usage suggestion
  • *Coating on Asbestos tile 0.35~0.45㎏/㎡
  • *Coating on general concrete surface 0.4~0.5㎏/㎡
  • *PU water proof surface coating 0.2~0.3㎏/㎡
  • *Iron surface coating 0.2~0.3㎏/㎡
  1. Main agent and hardener must be fully mixed before usage.
  2. Mixing ratio of main agent to hardener is 2:1
  3. Insulation cream can be apply with spraying or brushing or with cloth roller, when it it too thick, it can be dilute with Xylene.
  4. 8 hours after application can be dried and functional for insulation.
  1. Do not used before raining, after raining, coating object must be exposed under sun for 2-3 days before work.
  2. Product contains solvent, must keep away from flammable resource and store in dry and cool place.
  3. Please complete application within one hours after main agent and hardener is mixed
  4. If the skin and clothing are contaminated with heat-insulating cream, please wash it with ester organic solvent immediately and rinse with water immediately.