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F-612 High Pressure Grouting Machine

  • Durable

  • 22500PSI

  • Easy to carry

The professional model with structural perfusion, high pressure does not need air pressure source, and light weight, can solve the inconvenience of the builder carrying heavy machinery, is the best choice for professional water stop builders.
Suitable for basements, tunnels, bridges, and sites requiring high pressure.



  • Fast construction can be raised to 5000PSI working pressure in a few seconds, perfusion time is faster than other models.
  • Light weight, the body is only 7.5 kg, easy to carry and easy to move.
  • It is easy to maintain and can be repaired without special training. It is not necessary to stop work due to mechanical repair.
  • The pressure continues, and the pharmacy can be effectively poured into the micro-slit, which effectively seals the leak.
  • Reservoir dam body grouting for water conservancy and hydropower projects, water tunnel crack blocking and seepage prevention, and anti-seepage reinforcement of concrete cracks in dam body.
  • Sealing and sealing construction of cracks, expansion joints, construction joints and structural joints of various buildings and underground concrete works.
  • Drilling and retaining wall sealing and reinforcement of geological drilling engineering.


F612 High Pressure Grouting Machine
Gross 7.5 kg
Max OutPut 22500 PSI
Star UP < 7500 PS
High-pressure pipe < 14000 PSI
On-off Valve < 18000 PSI
Butter Head < 16000 PSI