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F-512 High-Pressure Grouting Machine (Lithium Battery)

High Pressure Grouting Machine (Lithium Battery) has a perfect battery discharge control and management mechanism. The battery power is displayed by LED and has an over-temperature protection. If there is no spare battery, please bring a standby plug-in electric drill to avoid being unable to clean the machine after a power failure.

f-512 high pressure grouting machine lithium battery 鋰電版 高壓灌注機

The mechatronics kit of cordless injection pump for repairing concrete

The mechatronics kit
Maximum input power 960W
No-load speed 0~2700 rpm
Maximum driving pressure capability ※1 11000psi~15000psi
The time driving from zero to 8000psi ※2 6~11 seconds
The capacity of ※1、2 depending on the gear reduction ratio of the pump.
Supported battery
Makita 18V power tool original or equivalent battery.
Our product package does not include battery and charger. Please buy the Makita original or equivalent products in your country.


Operating Instructions

High-Pressure Grouting Machine (Lithium Battery) suitable for Makita 18V lithium batteries with a capacity of more than 4Ah and is compatible with Makita power tool connectors. It does not include a battery or charger. The controller has a perfect battery discharge control and management mechanism. Please choose the battery and charger that meets the performance specifications of the original or secondary manufacturer. The bigger capacity the battery, the better. Please remove the battery when not in use.

Basic operation notes:
1. No automatic pressure control, same performance as plug-in Metabo drill high pressure grouting machine, maximum pressure exceeds 10,000psi, operated by a manual switch, no automatic stop.
2. In general, please turn the speed control knob to the maximum value before the operation to avoid insufficient pressure output. However,the knob can be adjusted to low-speed mode, which is suitable for speed regulation when the fine needle is used for repairing the fallen tiles.
3. When the battery is dead, the LED will flash every 1 second regardless of whether the switch is activated or not. The controller will automatically enter the pressure-limited mode and the motor will speed up slowly, but the motor can still accelerate to a high operating speed, allowing you to clean the machine. If there is no spare battery, please stop the operation, clean the machine with cleaning agents as soon as possible, or bring a standby plug-in electric drill to avoid being unable to clean the machine after a power failure.
4. Battery level display
When the switch is activated, the LED will flash four times for full power, three times for medium power, and two times for low power.
5. Electronic control system status indication
-Over-temperature protection:Whether the switch is activated or not, it will flash rapidly every 0.2 seconds. It is ready for use again when the light stops flashing after cooling down.
-Failure of other parts:flash every 3 seconds.

High Pressure Grouting Machine (Lithium Battery) Repair & Warranty Instructions

1. The warranty period for controller circuit boards, brushless motors, and fixed parts is 150 days from the date of delivery of the electromechanical kits. The warranty period for gears, bearings and other easily-worn transmission parts is 90 days from the date of delivery of the electromechanical kits.
2. The warranty period shall terminate if the buyer disassembles, repairs, tampers the parts without authorization or fails to protect them from water.
3. If the warranty period for any of the above conditions expires, the repair will be charged.
4. Regardless of free repair during the warranty period or charged repair after the warranty period, the buyer shall send or return the complete set of electromechanical kits to be repaired to the company, and the company will return them upon disposal. The shipping costs shall be borne by the sender.
5. The third-party chargers and batteries which are purchased on behalf of the customer, free gifts, or are purchased through recommendation cannot enjoy the warranty policy. We will provide the contact information of the suppliers
6. Exposed electrical connectors, wire switches, knobs, and others related to the users’ cleaning and maintenance cannot enjoy the warranty policy.
7. The liability of warranty or charged maintenance, or whether the worn and torn gears and other parts are usable, shall be determined and handled by the company according to the technical professional judgment.