F-512 High Pressure Grouting Machine

  • Durable

  • 15000PSI

  • Easy to carry

The professional model with structural perfusion, high pressure model, air pressure source not required, light weight, can solve the inconvenience of the builder carrying heavy machinery, is the best choice for professional water stop construction.
Suitable for general residences, doors and windows, indoors.


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  • Fast construction: It can be raised to 5000 PSI working pressure in a few seconds, and the filling time is faster than other models.
  • Light in weight: 7.5 kg offers a great mobility
  • Simple maintenance: no special training required, minimize down time.
  • Consistent pressure holding: agent can be properly apply into the split with consistent pressure to assure best leakage proof result.
  • Sealing and sealing construction of cracks
  • Basement、underground garage、underground passage、seepage cracks in the cracks,and water plugging.
  • Roof cracks、wall pipes、corners、leaking water, water plugging.
  • Cracks in structures、beams、columns、 and plates, and high-pressure injection of epoxy resin.


F-512 High Pressure Grouting Machine
Gross 7.5 kg
Pressure 15000 PSI
Max Output 13000 PSI
Star-up < 7500 PS
High-pressure pipe < 14000 PSI
On-off Valve < 18000 PSI
Butter Head < 16000 PSI