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F-500S Airless Sprayer Machine

  • 2200W motor

  • Closed air-cooled motor

  • Intelligent pressure control system

The new F500-S is a compact and lightweight machine that is the best choice for high quality professional construction.
The F500-S is especially suitable for the construction of large construction projects. Can be widely applied to: medium and high viscosity interior and exterior wall coatings, oily coatings and protective coatings, etc.

F-500S Airless Sprayer Machine F-500S無氣噴塗機


  • Excellent ceramic material finish, high density, small friction, so the wastage of the seal is far less than the market similar products. Greatly prolong the service life and save your maintaince costs.
  • Brushless DC power 2200w power motor, can withstand the highest pressure.
  • Fine screen, display, LCD screen is cleaner. Convenient eletronic voltage regulator. Let you at easeduring operation.
  • Pump filter Adding a third filter can greatly reduce nozzle clogging, ensure coating quality, filter screw cap and filter take out, reducing cleaning time


F-500S airless sprayer machine
Max. nozzle size(inch) 0.027
Max. flow(L/min) 3.2
Max. power(W) 2200
Total weight(kg) 21
Max. working.pressure 3600PSI/250BAR
Total accessories Heavy Duty putty spray gun, nozzles, specific tools, high-pressure hose, whip pipe