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F-180 Electric Cement Grouting Machine

  • Equipped With Frequency Conversion To Monitoring Fluid Flow

  • Impact Design And Convenience For Carrying And Transportation

  • Low Malfunction And Friendly Operation

F-180 Electric Cement Grouting Machine is suitable for various spraying and caulking materials, including latex paint, masonry paint, non-retractable cement, anti-fire materials, and relief sculpture spraying.


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F-180 Electric Cement Grouting Machine-test video


  • The ducting pipe for material and nozzle of the F-180 Electric Cement Grouting Machine are equipped with a fast-changing adaptor, allowing for a 360-degree adjustable angle.


F-180 Electric cement grouting machine
Power(kw) 1.5KW-----220V
Flux(L/min) 0-7
Horizontal(m) 20
Vertica(m) 15
Rotale speed(rpm) 0-270
Granule(mm) 2
Bulk(kg) 70
Length(mm) 1100
Width(mm) 500
Heigth(mm) 1050