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E-661 One Component Flexible Waterproofing Membrane

  • extremely elasticity and flexibility to prevent cracking

  • Excellent adhesion, waterproof properties and resistance to acid rain

  • Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and extremely durable

E-661 is a component, non-plasticized, vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) based on emulsion material.
This product is composed of specially selected filler supplied in power-crystalline silicon. It cures to form a flexible, high strength and durable membrane. It is a waterproof finish against hydrostatic pressure product.



  • E-661 provides user usability and easy to application. Suitable for DIY.
  • Can be easily applied by roller or brush.
  • It can be reinforced with non-woven fabrics to form a high strength water impermeable layer.


E-661 One component flexible waterproofing membrane
Solid content 65% or above (mixed)
Specific gravity 1.65±0.10
Viscosity 3600cps /25゚C
Pot life No restriction when the material does not contact with air.
Tack free 20 minutes/25゚C
Cure time 1-2hrs/25゚C
Full cure 2-4 days/25゚C
Recoat time 2-3 hrs/25゚C
Coverage 0.4kg/m²(Thickness is 0.25mm per coat)
0.75kg/m²(Thickness is 0.45mm per coat)
Grade Roller or brush
Thinner Water (Not recommended to dilute this material)
Primer AC primer(dilute with 2 times of water before application)
Temperature Applied between 15゚C ~35゚C is recommended