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E-507 One Component Polyurethane Sealant Material

  • Excellent heat and weather resistance

  • Permanetly flexible

  • Stable physical properties

Adequate hardness,elasticity.
Various joint sealing in constructing.
Excellent extrusion and dust resistance.



  • Repairing of cracks in irrigation concrete floor or resin mortar.
  • Perimeter joints around precast panel, marble, windows and doors.


E-507 One component polyurethane sealant material
Testing item JIS A-5758 Testing Test results
Extrusion(second) 5°C 8~15
23°C 8~15
Slump(mm) 23°C 0
50°C 8~15
Tack free time/td> 5°C 40%RH <60
23°C 50%RH <24
35°C 65%RH <5
Stain Nil
Heat loss 4%↓
Durability Good
Weather resistance Good
E-507 One component polyurethane sealant material
Item Physical properties
Appearance Paste
Base Moisture curing one component PU
Specific Gravity 1.19
Nonvolatile content 96%
Shelf life 1 year(Store in a cool and dry place)
E-507 One component polyurethane sealant material
Item Temperature After curing Heat aging Water immerse
50%Tensile strength(kgf/c㎡) 20°C 2.5 3.1 2.5
-10°C 4.3 4.7 ---
Ultimate Tensile strength(kgf/c㎡) 20°C 10.2 9.8 10.3
-10°C 17.3 17.6 ---
Ultimate elongation strength(%) 20°C 720 680 740
-10°C 760 700 ---


  • *320ml/cartridge; 10cartridges/box