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E-502 Polyurethane Sealant Material

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Excellent elasticity

  • Excellent weather resistance and durability

Sealant for expansion joints of the buildings.roads, bridges and airport areas ,waterproofing, sports courts, running tracks, flooring and so on



  • Suitable for concrete, aluminum and steel etc.
  • Aging resistance to Ultra Violet light exposure.


E-502 Polyurethane sealant material
  Mixing ratio E-502:E-502A=2:1
Solid content More than 99% (after mixing)
Specific gravity 1.2~1.3
Coverage 2.4kg/㎡(2mm thick)
Items CNS6985 standard specification
Specific gravity Marked value ±0.10
Hardness(Hs) 10~30
Tensile strength(kgf/c㎡) 6以上
Elongation(%) 600以上
Slump non-sagging width for 10*20*100mm
TVOC(g/L) WB 140/L SB 550g/L
Aging test Hardness 10~30
Retained tensile strength(%) 80% or above variation
Retained tearing strength(%) 80% or above variation
Retained elongation(%) 80% or above variation of the original value


  • *Component A:10kg,component B:5kg
  • *Shelf life is 12 months. Store in a cool and dry place. Prevent exposure from sunlight.