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E-501 One Component Quick Dry Polyurethane Sealant

  • Quick dry around 40 minutes.

  • Excellent self-adhesion

  • Adhesive for installing and fixing the compartment panels or sheets without nails

Waterproofing for surface. Selant for corners,cracks, joints.



  • Forming high strength and elongation rubber elastomer after curing, which can maintain adhestion when construction joints vibrate, expand and contract.
  • Maintain high performance of excellent water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and weather resistance for long time.


E-501 One component quick dry polyurethane sealant
Physical properties Item Performance Remarks
Pakaging 320ml / support  
Color Gray  
Specific gravity 1.16 JIS A 5758
Solid 90% JIS A 5758
Weather resistance 500 hours Non expection Weather tester
Physical properties Tensile strength (kgf/c㎡) Elongation Tear strength(kgf/cm) 27.3(kgf/c㎡) 930% 16kgf/cm  
Hardness(A) 20°C 40 JS K 6301
Tack free time 20°C 60% 40分  
20°C 60% 40分  
5°C 50% 6 hours 1.0mm  
24 hours 3.0mm  
48 hours 4.5mm  
20°C 60% 6 hours 2.0mm  
24 hours 5.0mm  
48 hours 7.5mm  
35°C 70% 3.5mm  
24 hours 8.0mm  
48 hours 10.0mm