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E-406 Water Based Polyurethane Hard Coating

  • Excellent weather, aging, yellow resistance

  • Excellent water resistance & acid, alkaline resistance

  • Low odor、low VOC

Indoor or outdoor floors, wall, car parking lots, chemical factory, electronic semiconductor plant.
Suitable for steel, metal structures, bridges, pipelines of chemical plant protective coating.



  • E-406 is a two component, water based, high performance polyurethane hard coating which provides, chemical and abrasion resistance. It offers excellent outstanding weather with color stability.
  • Used in a variety of general flooring applications including supermarket, food processing factory and car park lots. It is also used in stadiums floors.


Typical properties
Item Property
Mixing ratio E-406 : E-406B
5 : 1
Solid content(%) 55
Theoretical coverage(Kg/m²) 0.13
Application Roller
Tack free time (min) 15min at 25゚C
Working time (hr) 1.5hr at 25゚C
Physical properties
Item Methods Testing results
Hardness pencil ≦3H
Gloss   Matt
Impact resisitance ASTM D2794 50Kg∙cm
Cross cut ASTM D3359 4B
Abrasion resistance CS 10, 1Kg, 1000rpm 54mg
Humidity resistance CNS 13442 OK


  • *Packaging:E-406 component A:10kg ,E-406B component B:2kg.
  • *Shelf time is 6 months. Store in a cool, dry place. Prevent exposure to sunlight.