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E-405 One Component Waterproof Coating

  • Excellent elasticity, flexibility

  • High elongation and anti-cracking

  • Excellent adhesion

E-405 is a non-yellowing, high elasticity and chain structure polyurethane waterproofing coating. This product has waterproofing, wear and weather resistance characteristics.



  • It is a long-lasting waterproof, aesthetic high quality coating material.
  • This prodct is suitable for all types of external wall where waterproofing and non-sagging are required. It can be applied by rollers, brushes or airless spray equipments.


E-405 One component waterproof coating
Testing Items Testing Results
Tensile strength(kgf/cm²) 20↑
Tear strength(kgf/cm²) 12↑
Elongation(%) 400↑
Hardness Shore A 30↑
Curing time <24hrs
Density 13
Viscosity(cP/25゚C) 3,000~15,000
  • *E-405 20kg/plastic pail (10kg*2)