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E-301 High Performance Polyurethane Polyurea Elastic

  • Excellent mechanical properties and resistant to puncture

  • Remains elastic at lowtemperatures

  • Thermoset-does not soften at high temperatures

E-301 is a hand applied, solvent free, two component, self leveling, polyurethane and polyureahybrid based, elastomeric coating. This system can be applied to ramps as well as to horizontal surfaces with the on-site addition of a thixotrope.



  • E-301 is used in a variety of general concrete waterproofing applications including balconies, terraces, podium decks and car park. It is also used in roofing applications.


E-301 High Performance Polyurethane Polyurea Elastic
Test Item Testing Results
Mixing ratio E-301A:E-301B=10:18
Mixed density 1.28(kg/m³ at 23℃)
Mixed viscosity 5200(cps at 23℃)
Pol Life 35min (at 10℃)
25min (at 20℃)
15min (at 30℃)
Re-coating interval 8hrs above(at 10℃)
5hrs above(at 20℃)
Maximum VOC limit value 135g/L
Hardness 70(shore A)
Tensile strength 150(kgf/c㎡)
Tear strength 55(kgf/c㎡)
Elongation 700(%)


  • *28kg two drum/ per set. Component A:10kg Component B:18kg