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Infusion Type Epoxy Resin

  • Solvent free and good fluidity

  •  High strength, high adhesion, good durability and small shrinkage

  • It has good permeability and can be immersed in the pores of cement

Cracks in buildings, apartments, public works bridges, piers, tunnels and other structures.



  • Low pressure continuous infusion.
  • Prevents moisture from infiltrating and causing corrosion.


Infusion type epoxy resin
Color Brown
Applicable duration after mixing 10~30min (25℃, mixing paint)
Drying time 4 hours (25℃)
Fully cured time 7 days (25℃)
Mixing ratio Main agent:hardener=2:1(weight ratio)
  • *Packaging:A agent:20kg;B agent: 10kg
  • *Storage:Dry and cool place.