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Epoxy Resin Topcoat

  • The coating film has good shielding power and is easy to clean

  • The film is tough and flexible, adhesive and easy to apply

  • Fast drying, complete topcoats, bright colors, beautiful appearance and durability

Suitable for electronic factory、Machinery factory、food factory、hospital、parking lot、basement engineering and wet floor.



  • Smooth, dustproof, antibacterial, seamless, impervious
  • Strong chemical resistance, acid, alkali, solvent and other chemicals.
  • Strong adhesion to the wall, not easy to peel off and crack.
  • Wear-resistant and easy to clean, easy to construct and excellent leveling.


Epoxy resin topcoat
Applicable duration after mixing About 60 minutes (25℃, mixing paint)
Drying time Within 4 hours,Solidify with in 12 hours (25℃)
Fully cured time 7 days (25℃)
Mixing ratio Main agent:hardener=4:1(Weight ratio)
Packaging A agent:16kg;B agent:4kg