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Epoxy Resin Coating

  • High mechanical properties. Epoxy resin has strong cohesion and dense molecular structure

  • Excellent bonding performance, good film formation, water resistance, and strong adhesion to concrete

  • Small cure shrinkage

Suitable for electronic factory、Machinery factory、food factory、hospital、parking lot、basement engineering and wet floor.



  • One-piece jointless, antistatic, dustproof and easy to clean.
  • Heavy-duty, super-abrasive, durable.
  • Water resistance, corrosion resistance, steam resistance, no permeability.
  • Strong impact resistance, short construction period.


Epoxy resin coating
Color Brown
Applicable duration after mixing 15~20 min (25℃, mixing paint)
Drying time 12 hours (25℃)
Fully cured time 7 days (25℃)
Mixing ratio Main agent:hardener=2:1(weight ratio)
  • *Product use precautions:
  • 1.The main agent and hardener must be mixed with the electric mixer according to the regulations, and the quartz sand should be proportioned to the required electric Mix the mixer and mix it./li>
  • 2.Moisture, grease, dust and sludge on the surface of the object to be coated must be removed.
  • 3. Avoid confined environmental work or skin contact.
  • *Product storage:Please put it indoors in a dry and cool place.
  • *Product packaging:A agent: 20Kg, B agent: 10Kg