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Epoxy Primer

  • High infiltration and filling property

  • Strong adhesion to the ground no peeling or cracking

  • Low curing shrinkage and good dustproof effect



  • Suitable for electronic factory、Machinery factory、food factory、hospital、parking lot、basement engineering and wet floor.


Epoxy primer
Experiment item Result
Status When mixing Main agent and hardener, no hard clogging produced. Well mixed
Mixing ability Well mixed
Application ability Suitable for brushing and spraying
Drying time(h) Half hardened:<10(OK)
Appearance Normal
Applicable duration after mixing(h) >8 hours (OK)
Bent resistance(Ψ6mm) No crack nor peeling
Impact resistance(Ψ1.25mm*500g*500mm) No crack nor peeling
Volatile resistance (95 gas) No peeling, no blistering, wrinkling, softening
Salt spray test 35℃,5w/v%NaCl Solution/120 hours
Soaking resistance No rust, no blistering, no peeling
(50±1℃,>95%RH/168hrs) No swelling, no blistering, no peeling
Heating residual powder in mixed paint (%) >60
Epoxy resin stability Yes included
  • *Mixing weight ratio: two liquid type A: B = 1:2