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E-108 Hydrophilic Polyurethane

  • Good toughness

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Can mix with any liquid substance

It is a hydrophilic single-liquid polyurethane leakage-proof material. After it acts with water, it rapidly expands to form a high-elastic foam to block its cracks, achieving the purpose of stopping water.
According to the actual construction needs, the foaming speed is adjusted to achieve the leak prevention.



  • The higher the resin density, the stronger the tensile strength.
  • Strong elongation and good toughness,good chemical resistance and strong adhesion.
  • Temperature also affects the reaction time with water. The higher the temperature, the faster the reaction time.
  • Various basements, tunnels, wells, waterways, sites that need to stop water quickly, etc.


E-108 Hydrophilic polyurethane
Specific density (23゚C) 1.01
Viscosity(23゚C,mPas) 250±50
Apparance Light yellow transparent liquid
NCO(%) 15± 0.5
Ignition point(゚C) >70
Hardening time 3 minutes
Maximum water absorption 5000%
Reaction time with water (min) 0.05﹪
Expiration period(Month) 6
Suitable for concrete, artificial stone, mineral material and plaster V
Capacity 5 gallon