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13mm Series Injection Packer

  • Nitrile Butadiene RubberWear resistant, Strong adhesion

  • Screw is made of 10B21, Durable

  • Market our own products

Using premium material with automated mechanical production, and strive for stable quality.
Continuously supply large quantities for domestic and overseas markets, and is generally used for general construction or large-scale construction.



  • Using NBR rubber material, it can be tightly combined with cement structure, and there will be no rebound when perfused.
  • The rubber design has a cross rib, and the parallel and vertical faces of the cement are firm in four directions when tightened.
  • Screw iron is 10B21, and the torsion strength is higher than that of ordinary iron.
13mm-Series-injection-packer-001 13mm-Series-injection-packer-002


13MM Series injection packer
Model Width(mm) Length(mm)
A-8 13 80
A-10 13 100
A-15 13 150
A-18 13 180
A-20 13 200
A-25 13 250
A-30 13 300
A-50 13 500